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    Basic things to remember Empty Basic things to remember

    Post  Royal King on Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:33 pm

    Here are some common fallacies I suggest that should be avoided in posting to avoid impasse on a certain topic:

    1. Emotional Manipulation - This faulty reasoning is committed when words/phrases are extensively loaded with emotions used to appeal to one's senses and biases to distract the reader from truth of one matter. Highly cannotative words are like disciplinarian and authoritarian are examples
    (Examples: " We should feel pity to him rather because of his tragic past, betrayed, lost his family and for being lonely" - Giving sympathy rather than justifying his action)

    2. Name calling - This is giving a mean or irritating label or title to an individual. Such labels are often insulting and derogatory.
    (Examples: Don the ugly duckling, leslieanne the spammer)

    3. Non-sequitor - means does not necessarily follow. Two incidence or occurrences may not directly be related so it is not right to assume that events always follow a casual relation.
    (Example: "Soifon beaten up ukitake in one of the shinigami cups, therefore she is stronger than him." - This is unappropriate event to made a conclusion for shinigami cups shows exaggeration most of the times and is not related on the story line.)

    4. Rationalizing - This faulty reasoning justifies a wrong deed.
    (Example: "Toushiro is weak because he was defeated within a second." A respond would state that "Komamura, he too, was defeated within a second so therefore, he is also weak.")

    5. Hasty Generalization - This is making one's judgment based on limited sampling. A decision arrived at based on hasty generalization is always inaccurate and biased.
    (Example: "Komamura is the weakest captain because we never saw him winning.")

    6. Using position as an advantage in an argument
    (Example: "I will not argue furthermore with you because I'm just a junior shinigami while you are a seated officer.", "noobs should know their place here.", "Wow, she made always the best reason so we should agree with her".)

    7. Bandwagon - is a form of illogical reasoning that encourages someone to follow what most people are doing. It gives the impression that since everybody is doing it/ agree with it, it is popular and right.
    (Example: "He is the coolest character so everyone should agree, anyone who would not agree has no sense of coolness.")

    Following what most people agree on is not joining the bandwagon when the decision made is based on merit. It just come secondary if it coincides with what the majority decide/approves on.

    8. Circular Reasoning - This faulty reasoning occurs when conclusion is merely restated in another way instead of providing proofs or evidence to the argument.
    (For instance, "Ichigo is weak because he consecutively loses in battle".)
    To arrive at this conclusion, evidence should be cited such as "Because he keeps on protecting his friend and he lacks experiences."

    9. Distraction - This is veering away the argument from the main point of discussion.
    (Example: "Your point does not clarify the statement." The respond will state 'I'm sorry for not clearing my point. Please understand, I have a few time staying in the internet so I wasn't able to prepare for my statements')

    10. Personal Attack - This fallacy is likewise known as character assassination. It attacks the instead of the argument presented. An instance would be, someone was attacked because of her being womanizer, feminine and supporting female characters instead of the arguments she has raised.

    I suggest to make every argument to make more logical. Use good premises, precise point and provide good support for the conclusion. Address the most important and relevant aspects of the issue not making strong and sweeping claims that you cannot support.

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